Residential Vinyl Soffit Fascia Siding

For all your Residential Vinyl Soffit Fascia or Siding needs; whether it is a weather-tight vinyl soffit and fascia (eaves) wrap, or vinyl siding. We make it easy. All the colors you want and many different styles.

Vinyl siding installed by Cat Exteriors

Here at CAT Exteriors:

Expanding on your vinyl siding, we also offer solutions for your eaves and fascia boards. The fascia is the board that usually supports your gutter (if you have one), or it is the board where the roof meets the siding of your house. If you are revitalizing your roof or siding, you should also consider adding the fascia to the project.

Vinyl Soffit and Fascia (Eaves)

Just like the siding, we have various brands and designs for your soffit & fascia needs that will bring down the cost of your future maintenance. Our soffit and fascia come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Different parts of the exterior

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

Give your home a unique, stylish look with added functionality by adding vinyl siding for your homes soffit and fascias, as well the rest of your siding. Vinyl siding will last longer and look amazing.



The soffit is the exposed underside of your roof overhang, as seen in the photo. If you are adding vinyl siding or remodeling your roof, updating your soffit will extend the life of the whole project.



The fascia is another piece that helps connect your roof to the side of your house. Remodeling all of these materials with vinyl siding through Cat Exteriors will extend the life of your roof and all its pieces.



Your eaves (which contain the soffit and fascia) deserve only the best materials. This small architectural piece of overhang provides protection and shelter to the side of your home and deserves the best.

Alside Soffit Installation

Vinyl Soffit Fascia and Siding by CAT Exteriors

Commonly known as Traditional LapVinyl Siding-Traditional Lap siding because it has been around for centuries. This comes in several popular ‘styles’ such as Dutch Lap, Beaded and Flat.

Give your home a new, stylish look with extreme functionality by adding vinyl soffit fascia or Siding for your homes soffit and fascias. This will add longevity to the life of your home as well.Vinyl Eave treatment

Traditional Lap is a type of Horizontal siding that is ageless. They come in all types of textures, lengths, widths, thicknesses and can even be insulated and are simple to install.Vinyl Siding-Traditional Lap

Dutch Lap is another type of Horizontal siding that gives a fresh look to Traditional Lap siding. They come in various textures, lengths, widths, and can be insulated.Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding Image

Scallop vinyl siding is installed horizontally and gives your home a whimsical look and feel that will make your place stand out amongst your neighbors. Scallop siding is really a design choice as it is installed and like all other types of siding, and has the same great qualities.Scalloped vinyl siding image

People have used cedar shake siding for ages, so by upgrading to Vinyl cedar shake, you will maintain the real wood look and feel without the high cost and high maintenance to keep up real cedar. You will save in the long-term maintenance and not have to replace as often as well.Example of Shake vinyl siding

The deep “V” groove design of the beaded siding creates a distinct shadow line between the face of the panel and rounded bead. The low gloss brushed finish looks like freshly painted wood. It has different profiles and lengths as well as many color variations.Beaded vinyl siding example

Board and Batten is vertical siding that runs up and down the length of your home. It consists of wide boards with smaller boards or ‘batten’ used to seal the crack where the two boards meet. These are fairly airtight and help keep the harsh winter winds out.Board and Batten Vinyl Siding example

The CAT Exteriors Platinum Process

We treat all of our clients like family! Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to give you the white glove service you deserve so we break down our process into 4 easy steps.

  • In-Home Consultation – We send out a design consultant to listen to your needs and create a plan.
  • Measure and Create – We will take measurements and order and/or build your products.
  • Installation – Our project coordinator will set an installation date. Installers will treat your home like their own and clean up after the project is completed.
  • Quality Control and 100% Customer Satisfaction – We will give you the excellent service you deserve, ensuring you are extremely satisfied with the entire experience.

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